Protein Pancake, Springtime Soup, and Bean Brownies!

April 14, 2015

I’d like to share with you 3 recipes that I have been enjoying lately. I believe them to be crowd pleasers as well as nutrient-dense, relatively easy to digest, and delicious. Please leave comments with your feedback if you try these recipes!

Protein Pancake

You’ve heard me discuss the importance of including a warm, cooked grain with breakfast to ignite the digestive/metabolic fire (the spleen yang in Traditional Chinese Medicine terms). To include more protein for a heartier breakfast, try making this protein pancake. Credit goes to Jason for this one: Mix/blend: 1 cup eggs (I use 1 whole egg, the rest whites) ½ cup quick oats cinnamon and salt to taste I blend all in a magic bullet for a smooth consistency pancake. You can also whisk with a fork in a liquid measuring cup for a more textured consistency. IMG_2352 Heat a small non-stick pan coated with non-stick spray over medium heat. Poor mixture into pan. Cover and cook until top layer has set. Flip with a spatula and cook covered a little longer until cooked through, turning the heat down if the pancake starts to smoke and brown too much. IMG_2354 IMG_2356 I like to use organic berries as a base on my plate (frozen when the fresh organic varieties are not in season), but ½ banana works well too. Put the pancake on top of your fruit. Its heat will create some syrup. I coat my pancake with about a teaspoon of ghee and a tablespoon of maple syrup and sprinkle it with some pink Himalayan sea salt. Yum! IMG_2355 IMG_2358 This is a breakfast for those with a good appetite in the morning! If you can’t finish it comfortably in 1 sitting, it makes a good mid-morning snack as well. My go-to breakfast is oatmeal, but if I feel I need extra energy or I’m in the mood for a weekend treat, I love having a pancake! Passover note: I substituted 1 ¼ pieces of matzah for the quick oats and it turned out really well! You’ll want to blend matzah in some sort of processor like the magic bullet for this version.

Lentil and Green Collard Soup

You’ve heard me discuss the importance of eating in accordance with the seasons. Now that it’s spring, we should be looking to include more green, leafy vegetables. Spring is associated with the liver system, green is the color associated with the liver, and leafy green vegetables will help to nourish liver blood and promote the free coursing of qi. Exercise during this time of year is also of great importance. You’ve also heard me talk about the importance of including cooked vegetables into one’s diet, especially if there are signs of digestive weakness. Soups are particularly easy to digest. I found this recipe and have made it a bunch of times. Instead of just using water, I like to use about 4 cups homemade bone broth, then water for the remaining soup base.

Lentil and Green Collard Soup

Black Bean Brownies

One of Michael Pollen’s rules for healthy eating is, “Eat all of the junk food you want, as long as you cook it yourself.”   He suggests eating these treats as often as you’re willing to prepare them. It’s easy to order French fries or buy a cookie – it takes a lot more effort to make them from scratch. While I don’t have a huge sweet tooth, I do like something sweet on occasion. I’ve also learned that baked goods can contain beneficial, nutrient-dense ingredients and still taste delicious. These black bean brownies are fantastic! I’ve also used kidney beans, and they work great too (they give a more fudge-like consistency). Chickpea cookies are another favorite. Who knew?

Black Bean Brownies

You are what you eat. In good health, Molly


One Response to “Protein Pancake, Springtime Soup, and Bean Brownies!”

  1. Bonnie Says:

    Yum! These all look fabulous. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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