A Good Place to Start

March 1, 2011

If you follow my updates and news articles I post (or are one of my patients), you will notice that although I am not a vegetarian, I promote vegetables.  A lot.  I really do think that if we eat the full spectrum of  variety from mother nature, we will have little desire – and little appetite – to overeat other foods.   Not to mention our body tissues will be exposed to all of the different colors, textures, and flavors that exist naturally, and which many studies suggest ward off disease, promote immunity, and make us look healthy.

I have learned several ways to get more vegetables into my diet.  Although they seem obvious and simple to me now, there was a time when vegetable meant the lettuce and tomato on top of a (fried) chicken sandwich.  With fries.  And a Diet Coke.  Multiple times a week.  My entire diet was beige.  I didn’t even eat ketchupRead the rest of this entry »