In general I encourage cooking at home to eating out.   It is much easier to make a poor food choice than a healthy one in this country.  The standard American offerings are devoid of micronutrients and are full of sugar, unhealthy fat sources, and questionable animal byproducts.  Unfortunately, they are also cheap, readily available, and palatable.

Until our food quality improves significantly in this country, it is up to us as consumers to sift through the options and choose those that are highest in absorbable nutrients and least in offending agents.

The DC metro area recently had a power outage.  One of the most difficult challenges for me was that I couldn’t grocery shop, prepare, and store food.   Other circumstances like moving, emergencies, and unexpected life occurrences might make cooking at home impossible.

I think the occasional meal at a French or Indian restaurant is part of a healthy lifestyle, but I think it is also wise to have go-to easy, healthy options for when life leaves us with a warm refrigerator and a dark kitchen.

Below I list three of my top choices for eating out in the DC/Maryland area.  Read the rest of this entry »