This recipe is delicious, very healthy, and makes your home smell great!  I made it last week for the first time and it got rave reviews.   You might try making it on a Sunday morning, eating it for Sunday dinner, and then having leftovers for Monday (and Tuesday and Wednesday!) lunch.

Instead of curry powder, I used 1 TBS of coriander and 1 TBS of tumeric.  I didn’t peel my potatoes or seed my serrano chile.   If you’ve never worked with fresh ginger before, you can peel the skin off easily by scraping it with a spoon.  For this recipe, I chopped the ginger into lots of small pieces, but you can grate it as the recipe lists as well.   It’s not an exact kind of recipe – do what feels right!

Check out the nutrition information too – low in calories, high in fiber.  There are lots of colors of the rainbow represented in this dish – a sign of a healthy meal.   Read the rest of this entry »

Do we make healthy choices because we feel well?  Or do we feel well because we make healthy choices?  It seems that making healthy choices and feeling well have at least a correlative relationship, so is it even necessary to determine cause and effect?

Let’s consider some scenarios and possibilities.

If you were to take the time to cook a fabulous and healthy dinner, from researching the recipe, to going to the grocery store and hand selecting the finest and freshest ingredients, to listening to your favorite Pandora station while chopping, dicing, simmering, and steaming, to smelling the aromas and hearing the sizzles, to sitting down at an actual table with actual dishes, perhaps with other actual human beings, to eating something that tastes better than many things you’ve eaten out at a restaurant (with fewer calories and better quality ingredients), do you think you’re more likely to have a couple of squares of dark chocolate and berries for dessert or sit with a tub of ice cream and Entenmann’s cake and aimlessly feed your mouth as you watch Comedy Central? Read the rest of this entry »