As a health care provider and someone who has lost 80 pounds and maintained a healthy weight for seven years and counting, my opinion is sought on the topics of diet, nutrition, weight loss, exercise, etc.

My personal routine is constantly in flux –  always moving in a positive direction, with natural ups and downs along the way.  Recently I have been spending a lot of energy (and time!)  shifting my diet and exercise routines into a new gear.  It’s exciting, challenging, fun, and rewarding.

My experiences and education in Traditional Chinese Medicine – a medicine which recognizes diet as a significant contributor to wellness – have left meaningful impressions and some cool “tricks of the trade” to my name.  My constant personal tweaking as well as working intimately with patients promotes further knowledge and understanding.

This blog is intended to promote inspiration, motivation, creativity, and hope.  My journey, both past and present, would be all the more meaningful to myself if it provided meaning to others.

Check back often for recipes, tips, insight, and more.

Remember:  You are what you eat.

In good health,