While eating familiar foods at regular intervals is beneficial for the digestive system’s ideal function, variety provides a full spectrum of vitamins and nutrients.  Many of us get into a routine that includes our standard dishes with our ‘go-to’ ingredients.

In reviewing patient food journals (and taking a look at my own), I noticed that we often eat with great repetition.  For example we have the same breakfast (oatmeal) or side (rice) or vegetable (broccoli) throughout the week.  While these examples represent a staple of any healthy diet, their repeated use is limiting.

What would happen if, for example, we had oatmeal (from oats) on some days…and cereal from other grains and seeds on other days?  Mother nature has given a variety of options; surely they each have something to offer?

Quinoa is actually not a grain (it’s a distant relative of spinach), though its texture resembles one.  It is a seed, it is gluten-free, and one of the only non-animal sources of a complete proteinRead the rest of this entry »