All About Eggs, Frittata Recipes

September 17, 2012

Eggs:  They got a bad rap for some years due to their “cholesterol raising, heart disease-promoting” saturated fat.  But in fact, properly raised eggs (you can find them pasture-raised at your local farmer’s market) were and continue to be a healthy option.  Use caution to avoid over-consumption of commercial eggs which are high in Omega-6 (inflammatory) fats.

According to Chinese Medicine, eggs are yin in nature.  Opposed to our yang aspect which is energetic and transformative, yin substance is nourishing and moistening.  Men and women require both yin and yang nourishing foods, though amounts vary based on individual constitutions.

If you are still concerned about eating saturated fat, consider this series of articles and studies.

If you claim that you don’t have time to make eggs, try this frittata muffin recipe.  I substituted the ingredients to sundried tomato, basil, feta, and sautéed onion, but you can really add whatever you have/want.  Make a big batch over the weekend and eat from it throughout the week.

An even simpler option is to have 1-2 hard boiled eggs, though be mindful to eat them with something warm (tea?) to help promote the digestive (yang) function of the spleen.  Frittata muffins and hard boiled eggs are also good snack options.

I also enjoyed this Bacon Wrapped Mushroom and Gruyere Frittata, and brought it to a dinner party where it went over really well.  (Leave out the cheese if you are sensitive to dairy).  This dish is rich in flavor and should be consumed in moderation.

What are your favorite egg recipes?  What flavors do you find delicious in eggs?

Remember, you are what you eat.

In good health,


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